Saturday, June 20, 2015

Focus Friday: Let's Focus on Building

     I taught story time for the preschoolers at VBS this week. On Tuesday morning the last small group of children came to me for story time. First, I reminded them that we had talked about the foundation on Monday. I patted the floor and repeated that we needed a solid foundation to build on. "Jesus is powerful and we can trust Him. We need to build our lives on Jesus." I took a breath and got ready to move on to the next lesson, but one precious little girl suddenly asked, "How do we build our lives on Jesus?"
     Her question threw me for a few seconds. I looked at the helpers in the room with my eyes wide and we all kind of laughed. I regret that now. Her question was so honest, so sincere, I'd hate for her to think that it was a silly question. It wasn't silly at all. It needs to be something all of us are asking daily.
     I told her what a good question that was and then I tried to answer the best I could. "Well, we don't actually build on Him like if we tried to build something on Connor. (Connor laughed) It means we try to live like the Bible says and try to love Him and love others." My mind whirled as I tried to explain something that I understood but seldom tried to put into words.
     That little girl's question has haunted me ever since that day. I keep hearing her clear, soft little voice asking "How do we build our lives on Jesus?" I've asked myself why it was so hard to answer her. As a Christian, I've been building my life on Jesus my whole life. So, why did I laugh and struggle to put it into words?
     Why didn't I look back into her eyes, smile, and say, "Wow! What a great question! We build our lives on Jesus when we trust Him completely. We build our lives on Jesus when we read His word, the Bible, and try the best we can to obey it every day. We build our lives on Jesus when we talk to Him about every decision we make, every problem we have, and every good thing He gives us. We build our lives on Jesus when we say no to Satan and all of the lies he tries to tell us and we believe what God says in the Bible instead. We build our lives on Jesus when we love others like He loves them. We build our lives on Jesus when we love Him and believe that He loves us, too. That's how we build our lives on Jesus."     

So this is what the Sovereign LORD says: "See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone [Jesus] for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed." 
                                             (Isaiah 28:16 NIV)

Are you building your life on Jesus? How can focusing on God help to make sure you're on that strong, sure foundation? 

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