Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Training Tuesday: To Be Continued

I haven't been posting regular updates for Training Tuesday, but by now I was hoping to give you an update since it's less than a month until we fly out west.

I can happily report that I have lost several pounds and I've been working on the treadmill and stairs quite a bit. On Saturday Gary and I both exercised for about 2 to 3 hours throughout the day and we both felt pretty good the next day. We're both getting more fit and we were looking forward to our hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in April. Since we didn't have a night reserved at the bottom, we were even considering trying to go to the bottom and back in one day.

You may have noticed my use of the past tense in the last couple of sentences. By now, many of my facebook followers know that our hike in the Grand Canyon has been put on hold. On Sunday evening I made a dumb mistake and broke my left ankle. I was just walking down two little steps off our church stage and I missed the bottom one and landed wrong. Gary warned me to not try to get up and he called for an ambulance. Glancing down toward my feet, I could see that my left foot was pointing over at an odd angle. Gary could see a big bulge under the skin and we figured it was broken.

Xrays at the hospital confirmed it, so now I find myself writing from my hospital bed, getting ready to go in for surgery in about an hour. Sunday night to Tuesday morning is quite a while to wait with a broken bone, but they've taken good care of me. Thank goodness for pain pumps!

So, my training is going to change in the months ahead. No hike in the Grand Canyon, but I will be doing some "training" once I get out of a cast. I'll be training my ankle to work right again. I don't know what's involved really, but I trust that the surgeon and rehab people will do all that they can to get me back in shape.

I suppose the Canyon will still be there in a year or two and we can try this trip again. Until then, I'll just say "To be continued...."

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  1. Oh no! A broken ankle is awful. And to miss the Grand Canyon on top of that. That must be disappointing. Hope your foot heals fast. Now you'll have more time to write. ��