Friday, March 7, 2014

Focus Friday: Let's Focus on Age

Friday is almost over as I begin typing this week's blog post. I subbed for an English teacher all day and then headed to Cedar Falls to see Erin and then go out for supper with Allison. After that we went to a concert by members of the Cedar Valley Acoustic Guitar Association. ( It was a great day, but I'm tired. You see, I'm another year older as of Thursday, March 6.

I received so many birthday greetings: cards at church, cards in the mail, some goodies and flowers delivered to my door, and lots and lots of Facebook messages. I was a little overwhelmed, but grateful. Gary took me out for a delicious steak and lobster dinner on Tuesday night at Outback Steakhouse, so we've kind of been celebrating all week.

I guess my focus has been on "age" lately as I pass another birthday. I feel a little older, I look a little older, and I act a lot older. Last Sunday at church I was standing outside of Gary's office and I looked across the room and was pleasantly, genuinely surprised to see our daughter Allison. Immediately I felt silly because she had been home since Friday evening and I hadn't even thought about her as I was getting ready for church that morning. I completely forgot that she was home!

I suspect that I'll have more and more "senior moments" like that one in the years to come, but I need to make sure that I keep a good attitude about my age. I can't focus on the new aches and pains I have. I need to focus instead on the good health that I've enjoyed in the past and will hopefully experience in the future. I need to see each year as a blessing instead of groaning about how tired I am or how often I forget...what was that again? Oh, never mind, I can't remember.

There were rumors on Facebook that I turned 50, but that is not the case. I'm only 48, so I'll enjoy a couple of years before I turn the big 5-0.

No matter what our physical age is, we need to make sure that we're maturing in our spiritual lives. Each day we should be taking steps to grow up in our relationship with the LORD. Reading and studying the Bible, praying, and obeying the Holy Spirit will all help us in the growth process.

Even though our physical bodies will get more and more run down over the years, we can be sure that our character will grow more beautiful and get stronger over the years as we let God change us. Now that's something to celebrate!

"Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life [and then covered with hair dye]." (Proverbs 16:31 NIV and my thoughts)

Time to end this week's post - this old lady has to get to bed!


  1. You are know old lady. You are pursuing your dreams and in good health. You know what amazes me years working in the church? You can definitely have many years under your belt but still need lots of spiritual aging.

    1. Yes Jessie, you're so right! Physical age doesn't always equal spiritual maturity. We all need to keep growing more mature spiritually even as we watch our years add up. Thanks for commenting!