Friday, May 8, 2015

Focus Friday: Let's Focus on Trouble (Again)

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I'm still feeling pretty good emotionally as I move forward after my bout with depression back in the fall. I've had a few stressful moments and one day where I felt unreasonably angry about little things, but in general I'm feeling happy again.

As I read my devotions from "Jesus Calling" this morning, I realized that I probably am a bit unrealistic when it comes to happiness. I'm most happy when life is problem-free, but the devotional reminded me that "the absence of problems in your an unrealistic goal since in this world you will have trouble. You have an eternity of problem-free living reserved for you in heaven."

What a thought! An eternity of problem-free living sounds really good to me. I get irritated with lots of little problems that come up as I go through each week, and if a big problem comes up it can really throw me for a loop. The devotional went on to urge: "Take a lighthearted view of trouble, seeing it as a challenge that you and I together can handle."

Hmm, "lighthearted." Can we really see trouble like that? If we really believe that we can handle it together with Jesus I suppose we can take things a bit more lightly. The Proverbs 31 woman "can laugh at the days to come" (Proverbs 31:25b NIV) and so can we.

Toilet's backed up? Ha ha, we've got this, Jesus! (But please don't let it overflow!)

No money to pay the bills? Okay, Jesus, how are we going to get through this challenge?

A child is rebelling in some way? I'm going to keep smiling, Jesus, because I know you love me and my child. I can't wait to see what you do in their life!

We don't just laugh and ignore all of our problems, but we can seek a better attitude in the midst of whatever happens, knowing that Jesus is on our side.

How do you deal with problems? Do you take a "lighthearted" view of them? How can focusing on Jesus help you to handle them better?


  1. Sometimes I am so good at this and sometimes I'm a dismal failure. And why is it half the time I can't put my finger on why I'm sad at all?

    1. So true, Jessie. Probably some of it is hormone related, I'm sure. (At least that's my excuse sometimes.) Hang in there and do your best!